Saturday, August 17, 2019

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Toyota partners with AI startup Preferred Networks on building helper robots...

Toyota is enlisting the help of startup Preferred Networks, a Japanese company founded in 2014 with a focus on artificial intelligence and deep learning, to help...

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FaceTime in iOS 13 will force eye contact into video calls

A new trick promises to make FaceTime calls even more personal. FaceTime video calls are great, except for one thing: how you have to...


Avaya and Tenfold create better conversations with Artificial Intelligence

Avaya Holdings Corp, a global leader in solutions to improve and simplify communications and collaboration, and Tenfold, the world's leading provider of upcoming CTI...


The Potential for Biometric Facial Recognition and Authentication

For all the buzz that biometric facial recognition authentication technologies have generated, it is important to recognize that the technology is still in its...


Galaxy Note10: Designed for Passions, with never-before-seen power

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note10, a new line of premium smartphones that combines sleek design with powerful performance and productivity tools to help users...


Active Phishing Campaign steals Apple ID credentials and credit cards

The ESET Research Lab identified an email in which a new attempt to steal information associated with Apple ID login credentials and the credit...
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