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Wearable technology grows and diversifies

Can you imagine having a shirt with which you can measure your heart rate, listen to music and even talk on the phone? It...


Microsoft resorts to Linux to improve Internet security

Microsoft will use software based on the Linux operating system, and not on the Windows system itself, to create new security features that protect...


ASUS works on a Gamer Smartphone

ASUS is getting to the market of the perfect smartphone to enjoy video games. This information was obtained in the words of the CEO...


Facebook Messenger is stealing Snapchat’s streaks feature

Facebook loves to steal Snapchat features to block the popular messaging app’s momentum. Ephemeral stories and messaging have arrived in Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp previously, and the company...


ESET Latin America explained how to use parental control

ESET Latin America explains how to use parental control applications for child care and analyzes what is the limit between controlling the use of...

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Das Keyboard announced the 5Q at CES 2017

Das Keyboard announced the 5Q, a smart mechanical keyboard, through a Kickstarter campaign a few months ago, and here at CES 2017 we were...

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