Thursday, January 17, 2019

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In the depths: Submarine drones reveal the secrets under the sea

Capturing incredible images from surprising heights and inaccessible places is getting easier thanks to air drones. But for those who feel more at ease...

Social Networks

Twitter already allows Android users to change chronological order

A few weeks after doing it for IOS users, finally Twitter is allowing Android users to switch to their timeline. The Blue Bird Social network...


Zendesk introduces new program for startups

Zendesk announced that qualified startups can access Zendesk Suite for a year free, giving these growing companies the ability to build the best customer...


Surprising 3.0% fall for Southeast Asian smartphone market in Q3 2018

Smartphone shipments to Southeast Asia (excluding Laos, Brunei and Timor-Leste) fell by 3.0% year on year, a surprising drop for the most important market...



Oppo works on 10x zoom camera for smartphones

The rumors are over, Oppo confirmed that it is developing a camera system for smartphones with a 10x zoom lens. The technology is similar to...


ESET examined the black market of the cybercrime: prices and services...

The cybercrime as a service exists when a criminal offers products or infrastructure on the black market in exchange for a price. ESET, a...
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