5 Lighting ideas for Halloween

The lighting of the spaces allows to create dark effects that accompany the decoration of the night of witches.

The lighting is an ally to atmosphere the spaces in the celebration of the night of witches. If you are going to celebrate with your friends, want to set up the office or decorate your home to have fun with your family, in addition to the articles of the date, you can use lights to help you emphasize the dark environment.

Hugo Melgar, Lightning Designer of Feilo Sylvania, offers five ideas to enhance the decoration with light.

  1. Use color change LED lights to illuminate the corners of a room or outdoors to give another color to the plants or trees.
  2. Colored lights can also be used to create “ghosts” by illuminating sheets hanging from the ceiling. So you’ll have some scary colored friends.
  3. The warm-light LED bulbs are ideal for inserting into objects or traditional pumpkins. You can decorate glass jars and light them with a light bulb from the inside to highlight it.
  4. Achieve dramatic effects by illuminating from below their decorations, this works perfectly for a traditional scarecrow or other character
  5. Project shadows on walls with everyday objects. Take advantage of the plants you have inside your home, chairs or other objects to place a LED spotlight on the floor and cast your shadow on the walls.

The expert recalls that some products already available on the market can be programmed to give a wide range of shades, such as the Jetta LED RGB projectors, which can be used with the traditional oranges of the Halloween season; or the Color Play speaker bulb, which in addition to emitting coloured lights, offers the functionality of playing music via Bluetooth connection to your cellphone, so it can be used to illuminate and play horror sounds.