Adobe Xd: Free APP to design interfaces


Adobe introduced a new free plan for its Xd application, which is aimed at UI designers and user experience.

This option includes some features free of charge and allows you to start with a 2 GB cloud space. It also includes limited sources for Typekit, unlike the complete library available for those customers who are willing to pay.

The new free Adobe Xd plan will receive several updates throughout the year, including the ability to replace all instances of custom design elements (symbols) in all family applications at once, and paste an object into Different work tables with a single action.

It is noteworthy that the application also opens Photoshop files faster and preserves image effects while making it easier to view multiple pages from Sketch files and allows you to password-protect design specifications.

Adobe claims that it has many plans for new Xd features in the coming months, including advanced prototyping and animation capabilities, new team collaboration features, and support for add-ons.