Alcatel completes its smartphone line and brings them all to the CES


Alcatel will have a full line up of smartphones, with the Alcatel 5 as the flagship phone, followed by the Alcatel 3V and Alcatel 3X as the mid-range phones and the more modest Alcatel 3, 3C and 1X for the entry range.

Some of them will be presented at the CES next week, and we have more clues that would be the most modest smartphone brand in the hands of the Chinese TCL. It is the Alcatel 3C, said to be the cheapest smartphone with 18: 9 screen, although in exchange for that adjusted price we will find specifications that limit the range of users that may be interested on it.

Stretching the screens from your usual 16: 9 to 18: 9 is fashionable and will be the trend in 2018. The high range of almost all brands is committed to that aspect ratio that we have seen in mid-range smartphones, such as the Wiko View and LG Q6 although Alcatel will lower the bar to 120 euros with the Alcatel 3C. Despite stretching the screen, it only occupies 76% of the front of the smartphone.

The Alcatel 3C would be the relay of the Alcatel A3 XL, which also has six inches of screen, but the dimensions in this case would be somewhat more restrained to 161 by 76 millimeters with 7.9 millimeters thick. The sacrifices for it to be cheap come from the characteristic of power and memories, with a quad-core processor at 1.3 GHz, 16 GB of internal memory and a single gigabyte of RAM.

The Alcatel 3C aims to be a basic smartphone, for less demanding users.