Alcatel is present at the CES with its three new smartphones


Alcatel was presented at the CES in the Vegas to show three new economic devices with the latest trends in the mobile market. These are the new Alcatel Series 1, Series 3 and Series 5, all with reduced edges screens and a 18: 9 aspect ratioa feature increasingly used by different manufacturers in the world in a wide variety of smartphones of different ranges.

In this case the phones will be displayed during the CES by TCL, which is the Chinese company that manufactures the devices. However all the details and technical specifications will be revealed during the Mobile WorldCongress in February, but for now we can give in advance some of its specifications.

Alcatel has mentioned that the 1x Series will offer an incredible experience for its audience, as well as provide universal access to a design and premium materials. Some exclusive functions and featuresbelonging to the high end phone like the reduced edges screen and facial recognition.

The 3v Series also has a screen without borders and with aspect ratio of 18: 9.The brand has mentioned that it will have different variables that will be differentiated on screen size and resolution.It has a rear fingerprint scanner and what appears to be a dual camera.

The most complete smartphone of Alcatel’s new line will be the Series 5, and it will be an affordable premium smartphone or at least that’s what the company itself has mentioned. Which also stated that it is designed to offer the best features that most consumers want.This means that it will have facial recognition, and excellent rear camera, long battery life and a screen without borders with a dignified resolution.