Amazing! 3D printed lungs for transplant

Collplant, an Israeli regenerative medicine company focused on 3d bioprinting of tissues and organs, has signed a license, development and marketing agreement for lungs Bioprints in 3dD for transplantation.

The agreement combines RhCollagen (RhColágeno) with Collplant’s BioInk (biotint) technology to manufacture human organs with one of the leading U.S. biotechnology companies, United Therapeutics Corporation, located in Maryland. According to the agreement, CollPlant ceded to United Therapeutics an exclusive license of its technology to produce the bioprinted lungs.

CollPlant’s technology uses genetically modified tobacco plants to produce collagen. It is distributed in greenhouses certified in Israel, where it is cultivated, for about 8 weeks. Then the tobacco is processed and taken to an extract that is purified until obtaining the rhCollagen. This product is ideal for producing “biotints” for 3d printing, artificial tendons and transparent eye products that cannot be produced today with the collagen obtained from tissues.

Martine Rothblatt, President and CEO of United Therapeutics, said: “We are excited to work with CollPlant’s extraordinary Israeli technology to transform the tobacco plant, so associated with lung disease, into a plant That generates collagen, essential for the production of an unlimited number of transplantable lungs. ”

For his part, Yehiel Tal, CEO of Collplant said they are “honored to have established this important collaboration with United therapeutics and we are eager to work together to bring bodies that save lives for humanity.”