AMD is in charge of creating the interior of Xbox Scarlet

Is a fact, the current generation of consoles has days numbered. Both Sony and Microsoft are already in the process of producing their new machines and although the details we know are minimal, many trade agreements are sealed at this point. AMD will be responsible for creating the guts of Xbox Scarlet, as confirmed by its CEO.

“Xbox Scarlet and PS5 they should not change their command, “says developers

Lisa Su, the ultimate head of the hardware company, has confirmed in an interview with CNBC that AMD is helping Sony and Microsoft with their” secret salsa.” Without revealing more details, seeing previous situations, it seemed obvious that the American company was responsible for providing the needs of new generation consoles, which always tend to focus on efficiency at low cost. It would be very easy to resort to other brands to create a machine with a CPU and GPU top on the market individually, but AMD’s solution to integrate the set into a single chip has proved to be the most viable this generation. Rumors point out that both machines would mount a Navi architecture chip.

More specifically, Microsoft and AMD would have allied to lead the career in the field of cloud computing and, in particular, Phil Spencer would have expressly requested that the new member of the Xbox family be completely backward compatible with the current generation of consoles.

If nothing is twisted, 2020 would be the year chosen by the manufacturers to launch their new consoles to market. Until then, there are still many things to know about Xbox “Scarlet”, starting with its final name.