Android Pie it reaches 10 percent adoption two months before 

Google is achieving success with upgrades in its upgrades. The adoption of Android stand for more than half a year, is raising the curtain, and walking is better than its predecessors.

Updated statistics show that 10.4 percent of active users used foot after eight months. While Oreo and Nougat took about 10 months to reach the 10 percent milestone.

Google’s efforts to stimulate foot acceptance seem to have paid off. The new figures are also a good omen for making people move from particularly old versions of Android.

Oreo is still the most common pitch and jumped almost 7 points to 28.3 percent, while Nougat fell just below 10 points to reach 19.2 percent.

Most previous versions also saw many users jump, although that left KitKat with a slice of 6.9 percent approximately six years after their arrival.

Google is abandoning its previous habit of monthly adoption upgrades in favor of a more relaxed pace, most likely once a quarter.