App allows you to listen to music with others in real time 

The new Playlist application aims to turn music into a more social experience than the main music platforms such as Apple music, Pandora or Spotify.

In playlist, you can find other people who share their musical tastes and join group chats in which they listen to playlists in real time.

The application, backed by the investment of the Stanford StartX Fund, was founded by Karen Katz and Steve Petersen, both engineers and Stanford serial entrepreneurs.

“The world has become social, but music has remained largely behind. That’s a real gap, “explains Katz, as to why the founders wanted to build a playlist in the first place.

“Since we started listening to music from our mobile phones, it has become an isolated experience. And music is the number one thing we do on our phones, “she says.

The idea was to unite music and messages by synchronizing transmissions, so people could listen to the songs at the same time and chat while they do.

The application uses a lot of technology beyond its synchronized transmission. It also leverages automatic learning for its social recommendations, collaborative playlists, large-scale group chat and behavior-based music programming, and has “musical concordance” Algorithms for Help him find people who listen to the same kind of things you do.

The social aspects of the application include a following model/follower, and presents playlists of the people you follow in your home source, such as a music-centric version of Instagram.

A separate Discover section lets you find more people to follow or join other popular listening and chatting sessions.

At the time of the launch, the application has a catalog of more than 45 million songs and a music license for the U.S. plans to obtain economic benefits through advertising.