Apple closes fiscal year 2018 

Apple obtained a net profit of 59,531,000,000 dollars, which indicates 23% more than the previous year, at the end of fiscal year 2018.

But, not everything is pink and as wonderful as it seems, the technological giant has disappointed with its sales forecasts.

Shares of the Apple Bite Company obtained during the last twelve months a earnings of 11.91 dollars per title, compared to 9.21 of the ante-year, and the company I leave a total of 265,595,000,000, 15.9% more.

The results of the Grande de Cupertino met only two days after the presentation of their new models of Superlight computer MacBook Air and tablet IPad, month and a half after announcing their new phones IPhone XS, XS Max and XR.

The company has achieved higher revenues after raising the price of the IPhone, increasing by 16% in the exercise.

The company’s forecasts anticipate that sales will slow down in the year’s end, just as Apple logs its highest sales season with key dates such as BlackFriday or Christmas.

In this sense, Apple expects a turnover of between 89,000 and 92.7 billion dollars, compared to the 92.7 billion that analysts expected.