Artificial Intelligence Benefits Industrial Logistics

Industry 4.0 has made the roads of technology and logistics ever closer. Today more than ever the digital revolution is redefining many aspects of modern life and specifically the logistics industry.

The logistics sector is one of the main beneficiaries of this maelstrom of technological progress. The use of the Big data, the algorithmic development, as well as the services in the cloud have allowed that concepts like Artificial intelligence (IA) are more and more accessible.

But what is Artificial intelligence and what benefits does it bring to the logistics industry? Understand AI as the intelligence that machines and systems can generate, independently, and that approaches, mimics, replicates and automates human thinking.

This type of advances are allowing not only to reinvent and streamline logistics operations, but could also help in the creation of automated networks that would enrich the customer experience by delivering their shipments even before they Have ordered, offering a highly personalized service based on the preferences of each user.

In the “Artificial Intelligence in Logistics” study conducted by IBM and DHL, perspectives and best practices are presented on how logistics players can leverage and adopt IA in their global supply chains. Experts conclude that AI will develop to become as ubiquitous in the industrial sector as it already is in the consumer world.