Artificial intelligence could be the hope to curb the cyber

Hackers don’t work with office hours or repeat the tricks used in their last attack. In a constantly changing world, artificial intelligence (AI) is presented as the hope to curb the threats to which the human being is not able to arrive.

Attacks at untimely hours, so fast that in just 20 seconds encrypt half of the teams in a company or access through devices as unexpected as a fishbowl have left obsolete the traditional defense systems.

Faced with new threats, more and more companies are betting on the IA, as is the case of Darktrace, one of the pioneers in leveraging the capacity of self-learning and autonomous response of this technology to tackle the cyber faster and unknown.

“The reality is, if someone wants to get into your network, it’s going to do it. The attacks are new and constantly changing, it is impossible to predict how they will be, “said in an interview with Efe Darktrace marketing Director, Emily Orton, who participated in the Web Summit in Lisbon.