Asrock announced its video card Phantom gaming m2 Radeon RX580 8G


ASRock, technology manufacturer, announced the availability of its phantom gaming M2 Radeon RX580 8g video card.

“We are very optimistic that we can work with AMD, a reliable partner for this stage with products of tremendous solidity and exceptional performance,” ExpresóHernán spire, ASRock’s Latin America sales Director.

Unique features:

Design with two cooling fans: Two fans that provide powerful cooling performance and help keep the gaming platform cool. It is optimized to offer an excellent gaming experience with a sleek and streamlined design.

ASRock VR Ready:

“The motherboard is the key to connecting all critical components and the” ASRock VR Ready “products are undoubtedly the ones the user needs,” Spire said and added, “robust components and solid performance allow for full immersion in the Virtual reality scenario. Users can be sure to experience the pleasures of virtual reality without any kind of compatibility problem. ”

Dual-row ball bearing fan design: Reduces friction, allows the fan to operate more fluently and with a lifespan of between 50,000 and 100,000 hours. Compared to traditional designs with oil leakage problems, it improves the lifespan by 30 ~ 40% and with a significantly improved cooling efficiency.

“Ultra Cool XXL” Aluminum alloy heatsink:

Below the sleek and streamlined dual-vented design lies the huge anodized aluminum heatsink, with caloductos along with more than enough fins that take heat from the GPU, Effectively improving heat dissipation and promoting overall performance in a meaningful way.

Heat pipe High performance composites: Combined with slotted and sintered copper powder interfaces, the Caloductos’s composite design effectively improves heat transfer between two solid interfaces and increases the capacity of Cooling by up to 30%.

High density metal Welding:

Effectively isolates all the convergence of the gap between the fins and the heat pipe thus improving heat transfer.

Copper heatsink Base design:

With a premium copper base heatsink design, the direct contact area with the GPU is maximized to effectively improve thermal transfer

Superior Thermal paste:

Improves the performance of the GPU and VGA fan significantly. Keeps thermal and operating performance safe

Phantom Gaming settings:

A quick and easy tool that provides users with a rich collection of subtle configurations to fit professionally, such as fan speed, core frequency, memory frequency, etc. Users can also choose the most optimized mode according to their needs, such as OC mode, silent or default mode. Phantom Gaming Tweak offers different voltage configuration options.