AT&T completes first session in the world of mobile navigation 5G

The first standard-based millimeter wave 5G mobile device, the Nighthawk ® 5G with NETGEAR Mobile Hostspot, will be available exclusively on AT&T

AT&T mobile network 5G Completed a few days ago successfully the first session of Mobile world millimeter wavelengths with a standard-based device on a 5G mobile network.

“This news marks a milestone in the advancement of mobile 5G technology,” said David Christopher, president of AT&T Mobility and Entertainment. “And it shows that we are well on track to fulfill our promise to offer 5G mobile to consumers.”

In the 35 years since we launched the first commercial mobile phone service, the list of scoops that we make available to our customers continues to grow. In September, we performed the first wireless data transfer 5G through millimeter waves connected to standards-based mobile testing equipment in Waco, Texas.

A few days ago, also in Waco, took place a historical session more: this time carried out in what will be a device 5G commercially available: the Mobile Hotspot Nighthawk ® 5G of NETGEAR. This is the world’s first standard-based 5G mobile device capable of accessing a live millimeter-wavelength 5G network.

This 5G mobile connection based on 3GPP 5G NR standards is possible thanks to the leadership of the mobile network of AT&T. It has the support of the Ericsson team, the leadership on NETGEAR devices and is propelled by the first 5G NR modem published and commercially available In the world with millimetre wave capacity: The Qualcomm ® Snapdragon X50 5G modem.

We are still on track to be the first to present mobile 5g services in the United States on NETGEAR’s Nighthawk ® 5g mobile hotspot. We plan to reach at least 12 cities this year, 19 cities at the beginning of 2019, and we will announce additional markets individually as our 5g mobile network is operating at the local level. We are building our 5g mobile network on the best network in the United States. 1