¡Attention! FlexPai: First mobile with folding screen of the world

The Chinese company Royoe launched the FlexPai; a lightweight, ultra-slim tablet-sized device with a 7.8-inch screen that folds in half and remains with the dimensions of a notepad.

The phone can be folded more than 200,000 times without breaking due to the materials used, said Wednesday at the launch event in Beijing Bill Liu Zihong, 35, co-founder, president and CEO of the company.

“It’s a historic moment we’ve been waiting for for years to see,” said Liu, who believes technology will prove to be popular, as it satisfies the needs of consumers who want a large, easy-to-carry screen phone.

While the specs are not clear, the FlexPai is supposed to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 processor, 8GB of RAM, 128 or 256 GB of storage, an operating system based on Android and two quality cameras with 20 and 16 megapixels “that can be folded for CA Pturar objects in unique angles, “according to the press release.

The device can now be purchased at the manufacturer’s Web site for 1,318 dollars, and they claim it will begin to be distributed by the end of December. Royoe also allocated 200 million yuan (29 million dollars) to encourage developers to work on applications that support flexible phones, Liu said.