Attention Gaming! Nvidia prepares new generation graphics


The announcement of the next generation of graphics cards is one of the most anticipated events in the world of PC gaming, and it seems that Nvidia is preparing well for the landing of the new cards.

Throughout this time, Nvidia has launched new models (from lower ranges and more powerful models, such as the GTX 1080 Ti) to cover different gaps and needs on the market.

Although they are still offering an excellent result, it is true that the implementation of 4k screens begin to require Pascal graphs more than they can actually give. So many users are waiting for Turing or Volta, or as Nvidia chooses to name the new generation graphics card architecture (and be able to play the best online games like Fortnite to 4k and 144 Hz)

The company has had three opportunities this year to showcase its new graphics (La GDC, the GTC and Computex), and in all events have presented novelties, but not the coveted new generation graphics cards. Now, however, it seems that the moment is approaching, as the latest rumors point to Gamescom as a framework for introducing the GTX 1180.

Apparently, Nvidia has a fleet of a million new generation graphics cards waiting on the output grid to cover the stock of the first few weeks after the launch. In fact, according to rumors there will be a 20% drop in the price of current graphics over the next few weeks to eliminate the existing stock of the GPU Pascal, at which time Nvidia would present their new graphics.

These Times coincide with Gamescom, so the rumor of the presentation of the new generation at the great German videogame fair, where more and more technology companies present their products, makes more sense.