¡Attention! Gmail will change forever


Do you use Gmail every day? Like you, most use Google’s mail so a minimal change would affect millions of people. Maybe that’s why Google has always been so cautious with the changes it introduces in Gmail, and so the change that is planned soon is going to be one of the most drastic in years.

It will not only change the design a little, but also include features to attract those users that the company is losing: professionals, who prefer Microsoft Outlook or who use private managers to better protect themselves.

The most interesting measure in this sense is the option to mark an email as confidential, which will prevent the person receiving it can forward, download or copy it in any way. It is intended for sending documents or sensitive information. In turn, there will be new alerts for when Gmail identifies that an email tries to impersonate the identity of a brand or company or that is intended to subtract data.

The new warnings will be red and very large, so that they are really difficult to ignore. Similarly, Google has introduced a clearer way to cancel subscriptions, something that most companies that send spam or mass information often hide to make the process more complicated.