Automatic “Robots” dominate conversations on Twitter

Automatic accounts play a great role in disseminating information, true or false, on Twitter, according to a study published on Monday, which reveals that two-thirds of the messages that appear on the network with links to popular sites are originated by “bots”

According to The independent Pew Research Center, 66% of the messages containing links to information, sports or entertainment sites are published by “bots”,-contraction of the word “robots”-, which automatically send messages, not by humans.

Researchers have not made the distinction between good and bad bots, but these programs have been accused of disseminating false information on the social network in the last major election calls, especially in the U.S. presidential of 2016.

Known companies resort to such programs, such as Netflix, which launches tweets automatically when it adds a new program to its catalog, or the CNN network, which has a robot that publishes its latest information.

To carry out this study, the Pew Research Center analyzed 1.2 million of tweets written in English with links to the most popular internet sites, over six weeks in the middle of 2017.