Avaya expands its integration with Google Cloud to provide Artificial Intelligence

Avaya Holdings, a global leader in solutions to improve and simplify communications and collaboration announced greater integration with Google Cloud Contact Center AI to provide better customer experiences, help to be more efficient to the workforce, and Take full advantage of the powerful artificial intelligence capabilities of both companies.

Recognized as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Contact Center, it extends its leadership in harnessing artificial intelligence to enhance the customer experience with more personalized, intelligent and enriching interactions. This includes promote an experience Consistent and intelligent for customers integrating Google’s automatic learning into Avaya’s conversation services to enhance contact centers, enabling easy integration of AI’s capabilities regardless of the channel, in order to and provide true omnicanal experiences with artificial intelligence.

Avaya and Google Cloud Unidos provide customers with greater flexibility, efficiency and scalability in the implementation of simple and powerful collaboration and communication solutions that improve customer trajectory. Avaya IX Contact Center it is an enhanced omnicanal solution, which includes voice communications, email, chat and mobile devices to make engagement with the customer a competitive advantage that drives growth and brand preference.

Avaya and Google are innovated in a number of key areas, including:

Virtual Agents-human-type automated bots that interact seamlessly with customers, through live agents at the right time once they have been transferred to that agent the entire context collected. Now, customers can decide when and how to include bots throughout the interaction. On the other hand, the Avaya platform captures the intention, the actions and the final disposition of each interaction, always in real time. Through this large amount of data, you can apply Avaya AI to decide the next best action to take in future interactions with the customer.

Support Agent: provides superior customer experience to continuously deliver agents and in real time a context-relevant information base based on conversational analysis for both of these interactions either voice-based and/or in text. Avaya AI algorithms can be applied to the Google Contact Center AI to determine the next best action to be taken by the agent, and thus provide the correct information and to reduce friction with the customer, while increasing the satisfaction of Agent and the efficiency of the contact center.

Conversation Topic Modeling: A non-monitoring learning tool designed to discover areas of key topics that customers have contacted the contact center and extract relevant information about how they articulate the issues. Google Themes Modeling combined with Avaya AI allows agents to take advantage of real-time visibility of topics in each conversation. Through this valuable information, the recommended answers and the best actions to take are adapted in a unique way to each part of the conversation to reach the desired results.

Avaya, improves the customer experience to strengthen these areas through the integration of the Google API Cloud with key elements of infrastructure of the Avaya Contact Center. Additionally, the desktop of Avaya based on the browser is designed to connect easily with applications and Google Contact Center AI is incorporated imperceptibly to the user experience of the agent.

“The partnership with Avaya helps us meet our goal of making contact center experience easier and more efficient,” said Crack Sheth, Director of Product Management at Google Cloud. “We are excited to work with Avaya to get companies to meet customers with faster call resolution. And we see that this society will advance as technology and customer expectations evolve. ”

The unique collaboration of Avaya and Google offers a differentiated contact center solution with a simpler but more efficient approach with superior architecture through the native integration of gRPC for voice. This will allow Avaya IX Contact Center customers to easily integrate AI vendors such as Google Cloud and propagate AI’s capabilities regardless of the channel, for the delivery of consistent omnicanal experiences. Avaya IX Contact Center Solutions have the ability to maintain knowledge of all events, including sentiment, suggestions and resolution to situations, to create a data source for the future processing of automatic learning that it generates more and more impactful results.

“We Continue to expand our AI-enabled solutions, as well as our cloud offerings for customers ranging from small to medium businesses to the world’s largest companies, and greater collaboration with Google to deliver capabilities Additional to increase innovation, “said Chris McGugan, Senior Vice President, Solutions and Technology, Avaya. “By bringing these innovations to the market for Avaya’s customers and partners, we enable them to make every interaction with the customer more meaningful, deeper and more productive for their business.”

Avaya was a pioneer in integrating AI’s capabilities into contact center communications solutions and has led development and investment in a number of key areas:

Easy self-service: With the power of IA, it is possible to provide excellent s self-service experiences for customers to get the right information at the right time.

Agents Assistance and Productivity: empowers agents with an artificial intelligence-based guide that includes relevant content, recommends upcoming actions to take and delivers real-time training to stay at the forefront of Relationship with the client.

Smart Pairing: leverages advanced auto-learning models to choose the best agent according to each customer interaction.

Intelligent Interactions: Powerful artificial intelligence technologies help create intelligent conversation interactions that produce better business results.

Empowered Agents: Agents are entitled to the content and actions suggested by an AI-led guide. Summary tools Help agents accelerate post-call processes.

Simplified Operations: Reduce complexity for both customers and agents by using AI models to select a self-service experience, automate a process, or partner with the best agent possible.