Avaya focuses on Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

Avaya has put its focus on the development of solutions based on new technologies which includes Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (IA) and Blockchain.

“It’s a difficult task to identify us beyond the contact centers. What we want is that when companies have IoT, artificial intelligence or Blockchain initiatives they will consider Avaya.” said Jean Turgeon, VP and technology director of Avaya to Expansión.

According to the executive, in the short term, the technology that will represent the greatest opportunity for the company will be the IoT. One of the examples highlighted by Turgeon was that of connected cars. The executive explains that before the technology that these cars already integrate it is possible to attend an emergency almost at the same moment in which it happens.

Avaya also sees a business opportunity in artificial intelligence, “let’s understand that it’s about automation and that’s what we’ve been doing for years. Artificial intelligence is still automation,” said the executive. “We have acquired Spoken, a company that incorporates artificial intelligence to capture, transcribe and interpret information arising from telephone calls between contact center agents and customers.”

In addition Avaya has presented an updated version of Ava, its response system through chatbots, which incorporates artificial intelligence. It has been built in the cloud and is an agnostic tool. It was developed with processing of language and feelings. “It is able to understand and respond better to customer requests.” Explained Karen Hardy, Product Marketing VP at Avaya.

“Artificial intelligence provides new capabilities to understand and offer a better service to the client.” Said the executive.

Finally although it is not a technology that could benefit the organization in the short term, Turgeon says that Blockchain will mean a great long term opportunity.

The executive explains that this technology, for example, will allow certifying and carrying out authentication processes with greater speed for customers.