Avaya will present the first Social platform for Chatbots of the world in GITEX 2018

Chatbots of different domains and industries collaborating and exchanging information through a highly regulated platform.

Avaya Holdings Corp. Announced that it will demonstrate the first social platform for Chatbots in GITEX 2018 technology week, giving way to a breakthrough in customer self-service. Based on traditional social networks, Avaya’s latest innovation provides a structured platform for bots to link together in a secure and controlled manner with the intent to extend the experience and effectiveness of each chatbot Individual.

A global Avaya survey conducted this year to 8.000 consumers, found that 80 percent of people expect an immediate response from their banks, hospitals, hotels and even their governments, highlighting the need for efficient customer service and “Always active. ”

“With automation, organizations can overcome their limitations in human resources and meet customer expectations by providing integrated, intuitive and intelligent experiences at all points of contact. Bots are quickly becoming one of the most powerful ways to positively impact customer service, just behind face-to-face interaction, “said Laurent Philonenko, senior vice president of innovation at Avaya.

While increasing customer acceptance is recognized, a key flaw in business chatbots is that they are domain-specific and can respond only to a relatively narrow set of dialogues. This has limited its ability to fully and efficiently serve customer requests when faced with questions for which they have not been trained.

GITEX participants will witness firsthand how the Avaya platform would allow any company to register its chatbot with a unique social profile and “friends” bots from other domains and industries. This demonstration of the social platform will also allow chatbots to qualify, and store confidence metrics based on the quality of the information received and the comments of the end customers, which will lead to constant improvements in the Quality and speed of customer service for each bot.

Avaya contemplates two scenarios on how to manage the interactions between the client and the bot in real time: The original bot gets in touch with a friend bot on behalf of the client and delivers the answer received, or the original bot connects the client with a friend bot in the style of a conference call. “This is a great step forward to tackle the information and service bottlenecks of chatbot systems,” Helmy said. “The social platform model also means that Avaya customers can increase the value of their chatbot solutions without having to participate in long and expensive data storage or storage projects.”

Avaya is incorporating this innovative patent pending capability on its Avaya Ava Intelligent self-service platform, which already provides a chatbot and messaging framework associated with natural language processing and automatic learning.

Visitors to GITEX can see this and other ideas in action at Avaya stand Z1-C10 at the Zabeel salon at the World Trade Center in Dubai until October 18.