Azure in First person


APG Consulting is a multinational company with 25 years of experience in software development and tailored solutions. As a result of their growth, he understood that to make the leap to the cloud implied an opportunity to enhance their business and improve the service they provided to their customers. How was the migration? Why did they choose OnLine licenses to do so? One of the solutions of APG Consulting is to be trusted, a product for companies to manage their electronic billing according to the regulations of the regulatory bodies in each country where they work and generate added value and improvements to their issuing and receiving processes of bills. They are currently operating, with hundreds of clients, in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru.


Until a year ago the company worked with its own servers. However, the growth of the reliable solution – E-Invoice led APG Consulting to think of a migration to a Cloud environment.”Bearing in mind that our operation began to grow in the countries where we were productive and at the same time new countries were added, more infrastructure was required to support the operations. At that time we had some incidents with the hardware we had in the DC, which made us think about the possibility of migrating to a cloud environment that allows us to maximize processing and operating times, with less effort from the IT team working Daily with our servers, “explains Ezequiel Gulman, it Manager at APG Consulting.

“At the time of selecting the Data Center provider in the cloud, what we were most concerned about was what would happen to an incident, who we could talk to, who we could ask for help. We did not want, if anything happened, the only way of contact was to send an email to a support center somewhere in the world and wait for them to respond, “it Manager confesses.

OnLine Licensing solution approached the firm and proposed to migrate to Azure, a comprehensive set of cloud services to create, deploy, and manage applications across Microsoft’s global network of data centers.

Ezequiel Gulman says: “The first thing that prompted me to migrate was that, being in Azure, I had someone to talk to. Daniel Yesurón, Cloud presales Engineer for OnLine licenses, helped me and explained the first steps in Azure. That was essential to understanding the solution. ”


Advised by OnLine licenses, APG Consulting decided to migrate its entire operation to Azure, which resulted in an exponential increase in the business. “We added two countries, Bolivia and Costa Rica. With Azure’s servers, the process of deploying these two territories was very simple, “says Gulman, adding:” It also gave us much more stability, better performance and, above all, greater security when it comes to hardware. ”

With a small growth in the size of the contracted servers, the company’s performance grew 50%, at the application level. At the infrastructure level, the organization’s databases grew by more than 300%, in a single server, improving the operational and real SLA. “This allowed me to have in a single server, the seven instances of trust with which I am working,” explains the executive.

In turn, he commented that the migration, to his surprise, was very brief. “In less than a week we were working on the new servers and there was almost no denial of service. It was a weekend to put the new servers to work and in a very transparent way. ”

The role of online licenses

“To have the help of online licenses served me in administrative and commercial aspects, since I did not have to sign a contract that requires me to pay for a certain number of years a sum in dollars monthly,” said the spokesman. “The proximity to the wholesaler allows the process to be more dynamic and not to be pressed month by month with the amounts to be paid. At first, online licenses helped us to get credit and not have to pay excess Data Center before migration.”

Finally, Gulman highlighted: “We find in the partnership that they have licenses OnLine and Microsoft a solution tailored to our needs. The wholesaler has specialized staff and knowledgeable solutions that can help any company to easily migrate to Azure. “