Banking, always under threat: what can the channel offer in the face of this context?

According to data from the consultancy firm IDC, the high rates of Cyber Crime that banks are increasingly exposed to, not only in their traditional businesses but also in the new business areas, has generated that security expenditures increase by 20% in 2018. How can the channel meet that demand?

Investments and opportunities what services can the channel offer? 

From Canalys understand that consulting skills are of the utmost relevance. Customers do not always know the existing solutions to improve their business, so it is the partner’s responsibility to offer the necessary and up-to-date technology to solve their problems. The ability to integrate multiple technologies within the framework of a project is one of the most valued qualities of a channel.

On the other hand, the channels that provide scalable solutions that allow the implementation of performance in stages according to the needs of the client, as a service, will gain supporters.

Taking into account the current state of the Latin American market, where there are several countries that are located in the top 10 world-wide among the most infected by malware (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Peru), there is a great field of action for the channels and the different Security solutions.

Following this line, Gabriela Salgado, Regional Brand Manager for online licensing security, postulates: “We must ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information with encryption solutions, attack prevention, access control and Protection from the endpoint to the cloud. Data must be kept safe from advanced or accidental threats from external or internal users no matter where they are located. In this way, it will be preventing the loss of money from companies and people against unauthorized access. ”

In turn, it highlights the relevance of the human factor in security: “Companies often do not take into account the human factor and the fact that it is important to have the data secure, but accessible to customers, providing the full protection of identity of Access, anti-fraud and encrypted sensitive information. User behavior analysis is an important factor in security decision making, providing a context where data is integrated and provides visibility into what makes up human risk. ”

Through OnLine licensing, the channel can help the financial industry protect itself from ongoing attacks. The company has “agnostic” security solutions to any type of data center infrastructure, whether local, cloud or hybrid, oriented to the protection of users, data and applications. In the case of the users are: identity protection of users/accesses based on risk; Enhanced authentication; Tokenization; User and Entity Behavior Analysis (UEBA); and advanced malware protection, among others.

For data and applications The solutions are: monitoring/protection in activities in any type of data; Data leakage prevention (DLP); encrypted on any layer; encrypted in preserved format; Keys guard; Perimeter security; Security of Hosteadas, in-house or outsourced applications; Perimeter application Security (WAF); and critical server/mainframe protection. It also offers solutions in Security Intelligence as SIEM/SAs tools to provide greater visibility in current security.

On the other hand for the protection of applications in the cloud or services, it has all kinds of security options for the monitoring, control, behavior analysis and compliance based on the data protection.

Finally, the executive says: “From OnLine licenses we have a team of experts to provide advice and response for security optimization, with workshops and bootcamps. In addition, with our ATC unit where there are official courses of our manufacturers. “