Banking security: An opportunity for the Channel


Historically the banking sector has been one of the most aware of the need to be part of the digital transformation. However, while this digitalization opens the way to new business models, it also does so to new risks. The vast and changing panorama of threats, coupled with the challenge of improving customer security habits, gives computer criminals more and more vulnerabilities to exploit in the field of finance.

According to the World Economic Forum, the economic losses for computer attacks in Latin America amounted, in 2017, to 87.94 billion dollars, of which the most affected countries were Brazil, with 22,454,000,000 of dollars in losses, Mexico with 14,324 Million dollars, Venezuela with 10,526,000,000 dollars and Argentina with 8.65 billion dollars. In the case of financial services, according to the IBM Security 2017 report, it again positions itself as the one that has suffered the most attacks (27%) of all industries.

This enables us to think of a scenario in which, while before the cybercriminals were focused on the clients, today the most relevant attacks are committed against the banks themselves. Every day the companies of the sector must face different security challenges driven by some very marked tendencies. The boom in mobile-based operations, which also leads to increased fraud in such devices, is one. In turn, there are specific security requirements in each country that are imposed on companies in the financial sector. Institutions at the global level should be able to adapt security policies to all their regions.

Another important challenge is that a very high percentage of security incidents in the financial sector come from existing staff, which shows that the institutions involved should pay more attention to the management of access and identities, especially of privileged users, and to the general monitoring of the activities. Finally, taking into account that phishing and bank fraud are the attacks that major headaches generate the sector, it is key to implement technologies that allow to make integral protection of the brand so that it is not used for these purposes. This protection must be proactive and in the face of this dangerous scenario, the institutions and resellers must go to the manufacturers, know their portfolio and be able to use it and implement it.

What is the offer of major security vendors for the banking and finance industry? 

With a growing range of digital banking channels available, customers now have endless possibilities for conducting financial business. At the same time, this expansion of banking channels increases the risk of fraud. RSA knows that the latter is a perspective that weighs heavily on financial institutions, which is why its complete portfolio applies to prevent and solve all kinds of needs they may have, with fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite, Secure ID, Netwitness Suite and Archer Suite.

With its complete set of security solutions, Sophos protects the network and its end-point systems; Employees, data, investments and processes; and supports the efforts to comply with the regulations. The manufacturer offers a wide range of solutions that respond to the needs of the banking and finance sector, including: Sophos Safeguard Encryption, Sophos Mobile, Sophos Red, Sophos View and Endpoint Protection.

With Citrix, banks can modernize the digital banking experience with their XENAPP solution package – XenDesktop – NetscalerADC – Sharefile – XenMobile-Citrix Workspace. With them they can transform the branches for a high performance experience and with great interaction, while the employees have the possibility to securely access to the applications and data from any part and with any device.

Check Point knows that financial cyber security is a deeply complex and multifaceted ecosystem that demands advanced protection against cyber-sophisticated threats, which is why it offers integrated solutions that address the unique challenges of financial industry. Its complete portfolio of solutions includes: Next gen Threat Prevention/Next gen Data Protection/Next gen Secure Web Gateway/Endpoint Security/Check Point 1100 appliances/Compliance Software Blade/Smart 1 Applicances/capsule.

Forcepoint Security solutions provide real-time visibility and practical guidance for the IT team and end users; They help them reach the right balance, providing them with proactive security and empowering the company to innovate and grow. Among its outstanding solutions are NGFW/DLP/Email Security/Insider Threat/WEB security.

VMware offers a portfolio of services for banks to modernize their IT infrastructure and mobilize their businesses in a strategic way to improve service delivery. In turn, solutions and products transform security and automate compliance, while offering public cloud integration to accelerate innovation. The manufacturer provides a complete service to innovate a Tecnofinancier sector and create the branches of the future.

Protect your customers and reputation from strict regulations and potential threats with Symantec. The manufacturer has solutions such as VIP Access, DLP, Proxy and Security analytics that have what it takes to protect, automate, standardize and optimize the operations and transactions of the financial industry.

Veritas is another manufacturer with a very complete portfolio of solutions that the banking and finance industry can take advantage of, with its solutions Enterprise Vault, Information Map and E-Discovery.

Without a doubt GFI with GFI Languard, Web Monitor and Exinda offers a very attractive package of solutions for the banking and finance industry.

Online licenses account in your portfolio with all these brands and more, which allow you to cover all the security needs of the industry and allow you to delve into the field of innovation and digital transformation, to enhance your business and return them more Competitive in an increasingly fast-paced environment with more demanding and technological customers. . Enter the website and know all your brand portfolio, the wholesaler has commercial and technical teams throughout the region that will advise you on your business.