BBK Electronics battle for leading the market of the smartphones


This unknown company, at least in the Western world, began manufacturing video games, soon after it moved to the CD Industry (compact disc), MP3 and headphones, until in 2007, with the birth of Apple’s iPhone, put their eyes on a market Emerging that would make you multi-million-dollar smartphones.

BBK Electronics has several brands of smartphones that are sold all over the planet. It could be said that it is a kind of conglomerate of companies or joint venture (projects of joint investment) Oriental. She owns Oppo (successful in Southeast Asia and India, official sponsor of FC Barcelona) which in turn owns OnePlus, which has gained a lot of popularity over the internet over the last year.

BBK is also behind live, which sells cell phones in Russia, India and China, and Imoo, whose market is China (although it covers much less than the previous one).

Its success is overwhelming: Oppo and Vivo recorded each of them more than 100% annual growth in 2016, according to data from the market researcher IDC. Although it is true that they started from a low base.

Despite this success, the two brands of BBK were not present this year at the Mobile World Congress, the largest cell phone fair in the world, held in Barcelona, Spain, until March 1.

Its hermetism (at least for the Western world) is seen on its website, which is in Chinese and does not even have an English version, as some of its competitors in the Asian continent.

They’re not heading for the high-end market, like Apple and Samsung. They are interested in embracing a wider audience, making phones much more affordable for lower-income consumers.

The truth is that while Samsung has sales of approximately 317.7 million dollars, Apple is closely selling 215.8 million, this low-profile company already has 199 million dollars in much of the world.