Blackberry KEYone “Athena”, for lovers of the classic

New rumors confirm that BlackBerry will launch the successor of the KEYone known internally as “Athena”. Thanks to the filtered images, the design of the new smartphone has been shown in its entirety.

The device, which could be called BlackBerry KEYtwo or KEYone 2, retains the exclusive QWERTY keyboard of the brand and, at the same time, has a slightly more angular design.

Following the footsteps of BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition, the new terminal adopts a much darker frame, eliminating the silver that appeared in the usual variant of last year. In addition, the front glass panel has been extended to the top of the phone, while the top frame has also been reduced in size.

As for the keyboard, it also seems to have been slightly modified, as it has a different finish on the top panel of the buttons. In addition, a fourth textured button has been added to one side of the device, although it is currently unclear what it will be used for.