Bosch Projector turns the closet into a touch screen

It is a small module capable of projecting an interactive image in up to six different surfaces. The Bosch projector will be able to use your shelves to pick out outfits, check the weather, organize your laundry day clothes and even more.

The BML100PI is on display at CES 2019. For the time being, it is not meant to be sold directly to consumers. This technology could be integrated into smart cameras, refrigerators and more in the near future.

Is a laser projector: If you move your finger on the button, a photographic diode captures a reflection of the finger and registers it as a pulse. The different shelves of the cabinets will allow to classify their shirts, choose an option with a press and ask for more if it was running out.

Bosch could also create sliding controls, so a refrigerator manufacturer could use it to help you track expiration dates and keep up with your food.

Can also transmit weather images and even interact with social networks. The BML100PI is smaller than a credit card, and the laser projections do not need to be focused, so it could change the position of the shelves inside a refrigerator and the buttons would still appear.