Brasil Game Show It was taken by virtual reality

Explore mysterious caves, travel by parallel galaxies or fight mummies and zombies are some of the virtual reality attractions that the public can experience during the Brazil Game Show, the biggest fair of Latin American video games.

With some 320 exhibitors and more than 300,000 visitors, the Brasil Game Show (BGS) seems to move visitors to a parallel dimension, where assassins, Heroes, Templars, medieval warriors and even Pokémon hunters seem to live peacefully.

In its hallways, an infinity of “cosplayers” crowd in the ranks, either to test the latest versions of their favorite electronic games or to be measured in duels from above a digital dance floor.

While virtual reality has been explored for years, technological jumps are increasingly expressive and the edition of 2018 is committed to providing the user with the experience of a complete digital immersion.

Among the new bets of the universe “geek” is also the integration of different platforms with the aim to personalize the experiences of the players.

This is the case of the Chroma Experience space, a dark camera where players connect their computers to an intelligent light ecosystem, which simulates visual stimuli simultaneously to the stage of the video game that plays on the screen.

Among the attendees that are concentrated in the different spaces of the fair, women are called attention, especially by the mastery with which they dominate the screens.

Is that they represent 46% of the video game audience in the world, according to data from a study of game Consumer Insights.

With the escalation of female presence in the industry, the universe “geek” has gradually adapted to the new audience, although according to the study, many women are forced to use avatars with male name to avoid being reprimanded in the virtual world.

Thus, the Brasil Game Show proposes to embrace and incorporate “all the public” through a “quite wide programming”, according to EFE the director of Warner Bros in Brazil, Nelson Sambrano.

Despite the times of crisis, the BGS managed to surpass the edition of last year and in 2018 has sponsorships of technological giants such as Play Station, Xbox, Nintendo, Warner Bros and Samsung.

The creator of the largest Latin American technology quote added that this year, investments for the BGS were 25% higher compared to 2017 and the number of exhibitors jumped from 250 for 320, which reinforces the “great potential” of the gaming market in Brazil.