Canon LX-MU500Z: Latest generation laser fixed projector

The LX-MU500Z is the latest generation of Canon’s newest compact laser fixed projector. An ideal team for academic institutions or corporate environments that offers 5,000 lumens, native resolution WUXGA, DLP Panel technology (Digital Light processing), vivid colors and a dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000:1.

Its 5,000 lumens guarantee a luminous image in a wide variety of installation environments, from well-lit classrooms to open meeting spaces.

This projector has a blue laser light and a yellow phosphorus wheel that allow you to reproduce the colors in a precise and realistic way, with a great luminosity. The bright and dark areas of the screen are seen with great precision, which makes it indispensable for those who want to attract the attention of students with shocking images, capture potential customers with compelling sales arguments, or surprise the Audience with an appealing presentation.

With its native resolution WUXGA (1.920 × 1200), the LX-MU500Z projects very sharp images with text, which can be read easily, and high-quality graphics and video. This native resolution is very useful for making clear and shocking presentations, as well as for digital signage and for entertainment environments.