Caribbean SAP Forum 2014

Caribbean SAP Forum, the most important technology event in business at the region will be taken place at San Juan, Puerto Rico in La Concha Hotel next August 28th. The event will present the latest technology advance that will lead the market to a new era of efficiency and competitiveness.
The event will feature 23 sessions and live demonstrations by local and international guests. It’ll be focused on various industries and areas of business content. Customer success stories, the latest in technological innovation and business will also be presented. Recent advances will be discussed in terms of cloud solutions, SAP HANA and mobility.
Nearly 200 attendees will receive information on how to improve internal processes of their companies, meet and serve their customers, increase productivity, streamline financial planning and enable workforce technologies to execute their work easily expected and from anywhere in the world where they are through their mobile devices.
“By selecting Puerto Rico to host this great technology and business event, SAP is renewed in this market. We want to invest here and in all the Caribbean with a new team that recognizes the potential of this region and will develop maximum supporting companies of all types to maximize efficiency. We bet Puerto Rico fostering a closer relationship with partners and customers, “said Reyes.