CES 2018: Cosmetic devices will take care of your skin


Skin care now has technology as an ally, either through a mobile app on a smartphone or with a special scanner that analyze and recommends the necessary actions to keep the skin healthy.

At the CES in Las Vegas, a series of developments stood out and take advantages of the mobile device for  either health recommendations or for cosmetic reasons.

A false fingernail that is protected against ultraviolet rays

The firm La Roche-Posay presented the UV Sense system, which is based on a small smart fingernail with a circuit and sensors that do not require an extra battery.The devicehas a small and easy to use design, which is placed above the nail with an adhesive and records the level of exposure to ultraviolet rays that the user has.

A cosmetologist on the smartphone

Developed by the C-Lab, Samsung’s developments and prototypes area, Lumini is an assistant that uses an artificial intelligence system that works as a virtual cosmetologist.An algorithm analyzes the face and predicts potential skin problems and recommends the right products to avoid these problems.

A camera to analyze the skin

With the use of an accessory that attaches to the iPhone, the firm Neutrogena presented the Skin 360, a system that offers recommendations from a cosmetologist based on the analysis performed by the scanner on the smartphone camera.Thenthe mobile application produces a report detailing which product best suits the needs of the user.