CES 2018: HyperX expands line of high performance videogame equipment


HyperX, Kingston’s highperformance product division, announces the brand’s first wireless video game headsets the HyperX Cloud FlightTM, as well as new peripherals for RGB video games. Including the HyperXAlloy Elite RGBTM mechanical keyboardand a new mouse for RGB video games the HyperXPulsefireSurgeTM.

The HyperX Cloud Flight wireless headphones offer maximum freedom and convenience for up to 30 hours, the longest battery life available on the market today. Along with the comfort and sound quality built in HyperX headphones. The new Alloy Elite RGB mechanical keyboard and Pulsefire Surge RGB mouse offer a professional level performance, with new customization features that provides an immersive gaming experience.

“The demonstration during CES focus on HyperX’s commitment to offer highperformance gaming products to players at any level. No matter if they are playing their favorite shooting game in the first person perspective, in a one onone confrontation on the PC, or in an eSports tournament with players from around the world.”said Mark Leathem, HyperXvice president.”The latest products offer players the ultimate experienceof freedom, convenience and customization, so they can have an immersive and engaging gaming experience.”