CES 2018: Samsung introduced “The Wall”, the first 146inch modular MicroLED TV


Samsung Electronics presented “The Wall”, the first 146 inch modular MicroLED TV in the world, at its annual First Look event in the 2018 CES.

The 146inch automatic broadcast MicroLED screen was presented along with Samsung’s latest innovationsand demonstrated how the television is evolving to offer consumers an extraordinary visual experience and, at the same time, act as a smart connected hub to improve daily life.

To this year’s First Look, was attended by more than 300 media representative and influencers from around the world.It also counted with the presenceof Jonghee Han, President of Samsung’s Visual Display; and Dave Das, Senior Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics America.Both talked about Samsung’s vision of the future, in which the TV screens shows bright images and also evolve to integrate efficiently into people’s lives.

“At Samsungwe are dedicated to provide consumers with a wide range of nextgeneration screen experiences,” said Jonghee Han, President of Visual Display at Samsung Electronics.”Being the first modular TV for the consumer, ‘The Wall’ represents a breakthrough. It can be resized and offers brightness, a wide range of colors, color volume and incredible black levels.We are excited about this new step on the road to the future of screen technology and the wonderful visual experience it brings to consumers.” Han added.