CES 2019 brings a lot of artificial intelligence

The most important technological event of the year has come and with many novelties as every year, but this time what most highlight is the artificial intelligence. 
The Consumer electronics Show (CES) 2019 is the big consumer electronics fair that takes place in Las Vegas for a week every January.  Although it formally begins today and opens the doors of the exhibition, for a couple of days that are making important announcements in the context of this event.

As every year, we expect a host of novelties, which in this edition could go from practical and common TVs have autotarget vegetable stores.

This year some 4400 companies will participate in the technology area, of which 70 exhibit this year in the artificial intelligence section, while television companies will try to use artificial intelligence to improve quality. Self-employed automobiles also rely on IA to make their products safer and more efficient.

Big companies like Samsung, Hisense and Panasonic will show their TVs in Las Vegas. They expect this time to include voice attendants on such products, such as Alexa or the Google Wizard.

The wireless industry has been running at a rate of 5Gfor years. 
Mobile network technology is another that delivers high expectations this year; they expect to allow faster Internet speeds for everything from phones to self-contained cars, will begin to expand by the end of thisyear and in 2020.

Chip manufacturers and wireless operators will share more details about the 5G potential and how industries could change in the coming years at CES 2019. 

Possibly one of the great absentees will be 3D printing.