Chairs for gaming Titan and Omega Secretlab have new version


The manufacturer of gaming chairs, Secretlab, announced that two of its models of chair, the Titan and the Omega, can be purchased in a new version, and made entirely of black polyurethane. According to the manufacturer, these new models are born from the insistence that their customers had to have them in that color.

According to the manufacturer, they had not previously removed versions made entirely in black color because they were more interested in obtaining a significant visibility for Secretlab as a brand. But, now that the firm is already more settled in the market, and its designs are better known and recognized by the users,  have considered that it was time to attend to these types of demands, as it can open new markets such as the corporate, where there is always demand for chairs of these features and colors.

Secretlab manufactures these new models of their gaming chairs, again, with the high quality synthetic polyurethane leather that is usually used by this manufacturer in the rest of their models of chairs. This synthetic skin is subjected to a large number of abrasion and flexibility tests, which guarantee, on the part of Secretlab, that the material will remain in perfect conditions of use, pass the time that passes and be given the use that you want.

Both chairs will also have the typical characteristics of the original models on which they are based, such as armrest supports, configurable in four directions (height, laterality, depth and direction) or the tilt mechanism, both of the chair and the backrest. In short, all the features that customers and users of their chairs hope to find in the models of this young brand.