Cirkuit Planet Ready to conquer Latam with iPhone Refurbished 

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After achieving success in Europe, Cirkuit Planet is focused on its expansion in Latin America.The multinational of technological components, with 20 years of experience in the market, works to conquer and gain ground in other latitudes with a mobile device that promises quality and accessibility.

For eight months, Cirkuit Planet is dedicated to the marketing of iPhone semi-new, with an intense process of review and control, whose device has a year warranty worldwide.

Similarly, it sells consumer technological products, such as mobile accessories or semi-new devices, both for own brands and for third parties.

Cirkuit Planet It has a presence in more than 90 countries, based in Europe, Asia and America. Its potential are high quality products with design, innovation and all the guarantees that the customer needs.

It is worth noting that the refurbished iPhone line offers semi-new CKP products, reviewed under an intense one-by-one process which guarantees the lowest percentage of market failure.

In this way, the company that was born in the year 1999 seeks to conquer the Latin American market with this device that promises quality at a lower cost. Cirkuit Planet is characterized by being innovative, providing design and care, fulfilling the necessary guarantees to satisfy the needs of the client or business.

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