Cisco Spark and AT&T simplify business communications


Cisco Spark and AT&T combined themselves into a single application that offers continuous workflow across multiple devices, anywhere, anytime. The solution is the next step in the evolution for companies that seek to improve collaboration and increase productivity.

Cisco Spark and AT&T, A cloud based service centre around an App, is powered by AT&T’s global network that makes communication safer and more reliable with better performance. Companies struggling with different tools and poor voice quality can forget challenging infrastructures and enjoy an easy and unified experience.

“We focus on uniting people so they can create, communicate and interact without problems and Cisco Spark with AT&T does just that.” said Roman Pacewicz, chief product officer at AT&T Business. “When companies evaluate their digital transformation strategy, or when they examine their current collaboration tools, they will see that this solution increases the value of your current tools.”

Companies can expand and simplify their infrastructure with improved reliability, predictable performance, security and end to end support. The equipment can also keep documents in one place to have them easily available before, during and after meetings.

AT&T and Cisco have collaborated successfully for more than 30 years, which gives AT&T more experience than any other provider in delivering managed solutions based on Cisco technology.