Connected devices in sight of cybercriminals


The Japanese company Trend Micro warned “an increase in failures related to connected devices, as more and more devices are designed without respecting safety regulations or industrial standards.”

“The growing connectivity and the increase in the attack area allow cybercriminals to better exploit the known failures to infiltrate the networks of companies.” warned the company.

Telecommuting is another problem for security because external computers to the company offer an additional access ways to hackers.

“If you work away from your office and in an unprotected public network, you put the whole organization at risk.” said American network expert Ixia.

In the same field of connectivity, the consulted specialists ask for great look out before the development of the cloud. Companies store their data on remote servers that do not belong to them and that become targets for cybercriminals.

They say that, “Cybercriminals will take advantage of emerging technologies such as ‘blockchain’ and ‘machine learning’ (artificial intelligence learning system) to better fool classic cybersecurity programs.” predicts Trend Micro.

To limit the danger it is advisable to update the protection systems and be cautious of any threat.