Cooler Master launched new high quality gaming headsets

Cooler Master announced the launch of the new headset gaming cooler Master MH751 and MH752, which focus on delivering audio quality, high microphone quality and the best comfort in long game sessions.

Cooler Master has implemented rotating earmuffs, a luxurious padding and has opted for a lightweight construction to ensure the best comfort of use. Both designs include omni-directional arm microphones, which are easy to place and reduce background noise for a clear voice capture.

Its 40 mm neodymium controllers allow you to deliver a complete and balanced sound, which will be an advantage in the midst of the battlefield. Portability is an attractive quality for the headphones, so they include a detachable cable, a detachable microphone and folding hinges that make these earphones easy to store in their velvet pouches.

Cooler Master MH751 and MH752 have much in common, but there are key differences, mainly due to the inclusion of a sound card in the MH752. This more expensive gaming handset includes 7.1 virtual surround sound support and can be connected via USB, as well as a standard 3.5 mm connector, PC, consoles and most mobile devices.  A software package can provide even more audio options with the MH752, while the integrated controls on both make them very easy to use.