Core Group presented its business Plan 2018


Core Group, distributor and technology manufacturer, successfully organized and conducted together with Blister Pack a business trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, from 9 to 16 April. The trip was sponsored by Lenovo and Sancor with the aim of bringing all retail and reseller accounts from all over the country, to present the 2018 business Plan together with upcoming releases and novelties for the current year.

“We are very happy with the business trip to Cabo San Lucas next to Blister Pack. It was a double satisfaction, on the one hand, the presence of all our clients from all over the country; And on the other because it was the confirmation of our strategic plan, which has special focus on the diversification and expansion of our portfolio of solutions. After passing a first stage to new user segments, today we are consolidating a very strong work with brands such as Lenovo and PCBOX among the more than 20 manufacturers that distribute their solutions, “said Maximiliano Gonzalez Kunz, CEO of Grupo nucleus.

He said: “We continue to work very hard in the verticalization of the offers with the brands, consolidating our growth in terms of the supply of products from the existing vendors and also with those that we will add to the core group”.

“Among some of the novelties that we have presented in Cabo San Lucas, we can highlight the notebooks Cloud and the new models of the PCBOX audio line. We have also presented Lenovo’s line up for the second part of the year, “said Mauro Guerrero, commercial manager for Grupo nucleus. And he added: : “In 2017 we have worked with special focus on the distribution with the increase of brands such as Alcatel that gave us the possibility of entering the telephony market along with the Smartphone line of PCBOX. We did it with other brands as well, like Kany, the gamer and audio line from PCBOX. In addition, we have added to Totolink, Aircool and we are closing other agreements with manufacturers that we will announce soon. ”

“The trip was spectacular from every point of view and it was very important to be able to present our rewards program that begins on May 1 and extends until June 30th, 2018. One of the novelties of the program is that it will be Mobile and have a compatible application for the three platforms (Android, Windows and IOS). Core Group is the first distributor to work with a point program through an application, “explained Mauro Guerrero and concluded:” We will be able to propose special offers to you, sending a notification to your smartphones, which will consist in weeks to double the points for purchases or days in which triple the points for purchase. The promotion is available only for the brands that accompany the management. Registered customers will be able to interact with their account executive through the application and send queries to the brand’s PM. “