COSM: The chair that reinvented confort

Herman Miller, the leading company in furniture design, presented in Mexico its latest innovation: COSM by Studio 7.5, a chair designed with unique materials, with the aim of providing comfort, well-being and performance Ideal for those who stay seated for a long time in one place.

This seat arises after an arduous investigation of more than 20 years, whose studies indicate that to avoid developing or to have back problems, it is important to have an ergonomic chair that has a good support the lower part of the back and to maintain a good posture.

Sitting requires less physical exertion than walking or standing; likewise, it generates high voltage in the lumbar area. The combined effects of a sedentary life and a job that needs to be seated can cause various health problems. In the case of seated persons, choosing a suitable chair is important to prevent future injuries.

COSM, is a sophisticated chair with ergonomic design created with the purpose of allowing the feeling of zero gravity. It was designed by Carola Zwick, Roland Zwick and Burkhard Schwitz of Studio 7.5, who explained that technology intelligence instantly responds to the body, movement and posture to provide natural balance with total support.

One of the great features of COSM is its Auto-harmonic Tilt system, which is presented in a continuous form of elastomeric fabric, eliminating the spaces between the seat and the back, in order to adapt to the body of each person no matter who was before in it.

Coupled with this, it has a frame and suspension material that causes the pelvis to naturally tilt forward, so that the spine stays aligned and avoids back pain; besides having a high, wide and molded backrest that eliminates the pressure of the lumbar area.

With the aim of reinventing the arm of the office chair, to offer the utmost comfort, Studio 7.5 incorporated into the new COSM arms in the form of a leaf. This design allows that wherever the elbows are placed, users get more comfort and the fixed design stabilizes their body. The Chair presents two versions with and without armrests, adjustable in height, or with fixed arms.