Cyberbullying: Latent risk for children and young people


S21sec, a company specializing in Spanish cybersecurity, alerts parents to the latent risks of children and young people. “Cyberbulling is one of the most important risks: it is expressed in social networks and other Internet sites. The primary difference with traditional harassment is that the attacker remains anonymous, and so it is so difficult to stop, “said Antonio Ruiz, Team Leader ACS & MSS of S21SEC for Mexico and Latin America.

“We no longer know if it is a boy, girl, or an adult person. This aggravates the problem and the victim’s sense of distrust, “Ruiz continues. The process can be given in two ways, since the virtual harassment can start in real life or the other way around: through cyberspace you have access to the victim, and from there you take out the physical data of the person.

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) 74.8% of cell phone users have a smartphone. That is to say, with the possibility of downloading apps from social networks. The universe of possible victims is becoming more and more widespread, which is a concern for S21sec. This led Xabier Mitxelena, founder of the company, to make a statement in favour of the safety of young people:

“The Internet has become a livelihood with multiple risks, especially for minors, and measures must be taken to make it governable, democratic and fair,”

The company recommends a series of actions to reduce the impact of ciberriesgos on children and young people: not to give access to the technology with total freedom, to verify the contacts with which the minor communicates, to have an offline communication plan, to avoid the use of Apps that publish geolocation and review the privacy of your information on social networks.

A final recommendation of S21sec is for companies: it is essential to have a digital communication policy, and to be known to all members of the organization. That employees know what the risks of publishing certain information are, it is essential to maintain security at all levels.