Dassault Systèmes and Leroy Merlin improve user experience with 3d conditioning 

Dassault Systèmes, 3DEXPERIENCE Company, world leader in 3d design, three-dimensional digital models and life cycle management solutions Product (PLM) announced that Leroy Merlin, one of the European leaders in home conditioning, it is implementing the 3DVIA home application in Spain and Portugal to transform kitchen and home furniture redecorating projects with an immersive 3d experience that improves customer decision making.

In today’s marketplace, do-it-yourself projects and personalized experiences for each customer are defining the change in consumer goods purchases. Leroy Merlin’s customers will be able to design, adapt, personalize and visualize their future kitchens or furniture in real time in a 3d environment.

“Retailers (retail stores) face challenges to stay ahead of competition and attract the modern consumer who makes informed purchasing decisions and can make purchases through almost any channel,” said Vincent Picou, Global executive Director of 3DVIA of Dassault Systèmes. “The 3DVIA Home app helps home improvement stores and DIY (” Do It Yourself “) to reinvent and increase sales through new opportunities for visualization, personalization, validation and collaboration in the universe Multichannel 3DEXPERIENCE. ”

Powered by Dassault Systèmes’s 3DEXPERIENCE platform, 3DVIA Home is a cloud-based application focused on 3d space planning for interiors, that allows furniture stores, kitchens, bathrooms, and manufacturers, the ability to connect and collaborate with their customers online or in person, using the same 3d experience. The application does not require a special learning due to its ease of operation, besides that its functions of automatic proposals offer a quick and simple way to design and visualize virtually the space, reducing the risk of errors in the process.

Each store of Leroy Merlin puts 60.000 references in cabinets and kitchens available to its customers, who thanks to 3DVIA Home, can draw different planes and configurations of kitchens or cabinets, see materials and colors, add or modify elements Easily and generate virtual models that meet industry standards, branding strategies and space limitations.

This way, customers can make safe decisions faster, while Leroy Merlin enhances the user experience in designing this type of project. In just six months customers have used this application to create about 120.000 projects, which has meant greater customer satisfaction in their shopping experience.