Dell has already released its Black Friday

Offers on the 23rd of November this year. So there are only weeks left for the most anticipated day for purchases in the United State

One of the companies that has already shown its brochure is Dell, who appeared with its promotions on computers, laptops, PCs and other electronic devices for the “Black Friday”.

Dell’s upcoming offerings include a Dell G5 15 Gaming laptop with a GTX 1060 GPU for $999.99, a 50-inch 4k Vizio TV with a $100 Dell-$349.99 electronic card, and an Xbox one Battlefield V package for $229. Take a look at the high-resolution scans of the brochure for more details.

Target’s Black Friday sales line to offer great video game deals. Among the offerings are a limited edition 2DS of Super Mario Maker for $79.99 and a Slim PS4 with Spider-Man for $199.