Dell introduces at CES 2019 XPS 13 with new image and its powerful Alienware 

Dell laptops reached CES 2019 with its technological innovations for this year. To begin, he presented the updates of his flagship product, the XPS 13 laptop, which also comes with some aesthetic changes.

The XPS laptop has been “perfected”, according to its manufacturer. Unlike the previous version the new XPS 23 presents its camera at the top of the screen, retains its comfortable and lightweight design, with a thickness of a little over an inch in its widest part.

The XPS 13 features a 13.3-inch InfinityEdge display, has virtually no bevels and is available in 4k UHD or normal resolution.

One of the most relevant changes for this edition for users is their battery, which will have a charge for 21 hours of life, propelled by a battery of 52WHr. In addition, this equipment has thermal insulation that provides the technology GORE thermal insulation, the heat that the machine generates quickly leave the device, decreasing its temperature, without affecting the performance of the equipment.

On the other hand XPS 13 has the new eighth-generation Intel core processor and Quad core processors that ensure that despite being a small team, it is powerful. It also features 4GB RAM and Intel UHD graphics 620 card. The storage options are 128, 256, 512, 1TB or 2TB. Like the previous version it is made of aluminium

It has a good number of ports, including two Thunderbolt 3 with load capabilities and capabilities to connect to a monitor. It also comes with a C-type USB through which you can charge. It also comes with SD card slot and 3.5 mm headphone port.

Finally, a third tone was added to the range of colors available for the XPS 13. In addition to black and white, it can also be achieved in golden pink color. The computer will have an initial price of $899 dollars and its release date is not yet known.

Alienware come to CES 2019

Dell introduced the latest in its high-end laptops from its Alienware line.

The first of these is Alienware Area-51m defined by Dell as “the most powerful gaming laptop in the world”, designed around “Legend”, Dell’s new industrial design language. This flagship laptop promises to achieve performance and upgradability levels.

Thanks to the tools offered by the Alienware Command Center, this team manages to accelerate the performance of your graphics and processors independently, making users get very high performance levels.

This laptop was manufactured with the company’s advanced thermal technology, Alienware Cryo-Tech v 2.0, which optimizes component cooling and maximizes overall performance, keeping the notebook computer cool to touch even with continuous use.

It offers a new Alienware m-series keyboard with 1.4 mm of travel and 4 key zones enabled for AlienFX RGB is backlit and touch-sensitive in a perfect way for video games, and a camera with HD definition.

It also features Intel’s Z390 desktop chipset, making it the first Dell laptop with the ability to support 8-core processors. It is also the first to support 2.5 Gbit Ethernet cable networks, and comes up with 64GB memory, a 90Wh lithium-ion battery, and a narrow bezel 3-sided screen capable of 144Hz G-SYNC technology. It will be available in two colors with creative names: Lunar Light and Dark Side of the moon.


Alienware M15 and M17 

These two models are considered portable for lighter and thinner games of the brand.

Now, with its update presented at CES 2019 with new options that elevate the overall system performance and general visual experience that includes NVIDIA graphics GeForce RTX with Memory Max-Q des IGN and GDDR6, Intel Core processing I9-8950HK, and a UHD screen 4k, HDR-400 with brightness of 500 nits and 1 200:1

These laptops are built with a combination of premium materials that include magnesium and copper alloy, which serve as lightweight structural components and exceptional thermal management, and are available in two colors, Epic Silver and Nebula Network. They have a weight of a little less than 5 and 6 pounds respectively, and a design of minimal bevels. Despite being thinner and lighter, they offer higher performance with a larger screen and optimized design.