Delta Test Wi-Fi free on your flights 

Finally, Delta plans to offer free Wi-Fi on flights, but to do so it is necessary to try them on a few commercial flights.

That is why, since May 13, the airline will start offering a free service in 55 national flights per day. The idea here is to test the tension in the system.

At present, the number of passengers who actually use the service in flight is quite low. According to Delta’s current supplier, Gogo, about 12% of passengers on their various associated airlines use it.

No doubt that figure will increase significantly if the service is offered free of charge. “The tests will be key for this highly complex program to work properly; This requires a lot more creativity, investment and planning to give it life than a simple switch change, ” said the product manager aboard Delta.

Installing and maintaining that service on airplanes is not cheap, exorbitant prices stand out in a world where many companies offer free access. Like baggage check prices, Wi-Fi has become another indication of airlines looking to squeeze every last penny of travelers.

The only airline in the United States that offered free connection was JetBlue, guaranteeing the internet to all passengers, free of charge. However, the company has corporate sponsorships to offer the service.

Finally, it is worth that Delta has not given a firm date on when its own passengers could get free access on a larger scale.