Destiny 2 will come to Google Stadia 

Prior to E3 2019, both Bungie and Google have been organizing live presentations, which will develop topics on the future of Destiny 2 and Google Stadia.

Everything suggests that events will have more in common than just time. It transcended that Destiny 2 is poised to be one of the great launch titles for the upcoming Google streaming service.

One of the most beneficial factors is compatibility with Stadia, as well as Bungie is expected to reveal the cross-save functionality, which will allow players to share progress on Xbox One, PC and Stadia (it is not clear whether the PS4 will be included).

Among other things, they are also waiting for the study to detail the upcoming great expansion of Destiny 2, which will be the first since Bungie is separated from the division with the publisher Activision.

For its part, Google detail a number of aspects of its next service Stadia. In addition to the compatible games, we will also learn the prices and the launch time.