Digi-Pet by Unisys: The new solution to monitor pets


Unisys ‘ new Digi-Pet service continually verifies the comfort of the pet through continuous automatic alerts, live video streaming and voice chat that keeps it in constant communication with its owner, helping to eliminate the stress generated by the Air transport.

Unisys Corporation announces Digi-Pet, a new solution designed to alleviate the stress of pet transport in the cargo holdings of aircraft by providing its owners with the ability to monitor and talk to them through their personal devices such as Smartphones. Digi-Pet allows airlines to offer domestic animal transportation services through a high quality customer experience.

Unisys Digi-Pet uses high technology through intelligent sensors connected to the Canil that transmits key indicators such as temperature, oxygen levels, vibration and light, while automatically alerting the owner of the pet and the staff of the Airline if any factor requires action.

Pet owners can also subscribe to live video streaming, photos and voice exchanges so they can see and talk to their pets through an application on their mobile devices. ” We are emotionally attached to our pets and it can be distressing to be separated from them when traveling by air, “said Venkatesh Pazhyanur, senior director of the Freight Solutions industry for Unisys. “Large pets, whether or not accompanied, must travel in the cargo hold. Digi-Pet uses sensors to provide owners with full visibility into the comfort of their pet and environmental conditions, offering a quiet flight for both. “Digi-Pet is part of the set of innovative digital logistic solutions for air cargo carriers. The 20 global operators who subscribe to Unisys Digistics transport more than 180.000 animals annually. ” Unisys Digi-Pet allows carriers to offer specialized pet travel services, allowing them to enter and capture a growing high-performance market while enhancing customer loyalty and experience, “said Pazhyanur.

Digi-Pet helps airlines comply with the International Air Transport Association’s (LAR) live animal Regulation (IATA), the world standard for transporting live animals that ensures that all animals are safely transported and From the point of receipt of the pet to the delivery at its final destination.

In addition to carrying domestic pets, this service can be used for other shipments of animals such as horses, one-day-chicks or hatching eggs, which require constant heat, oxygen and light.

To find out if an airline offers this service, pet owners should contact the airport airline’s passenger division from which they wish to leave.