E3 2019: Halo Infinite still on Xbox One

Microsoft generated news and reactions during the E3 2019 press conference, mainly because of the existence of the Xbox Scarlett console.

The company showed a new Halo infinite trailer and confirmed that the game would reach Xbox Scarlett at Holiday 2020.

However, the editor did not say at that time if infinite would still come to Xbox One and PC. After the conference, Microsoft assured the fans that the shooter was coming to his current generation machine.

In a post on the Xbox cable, the editor-in-chief of the official blog, Will Tuttle, included Halo Infinite for Project Scarlett, Xbox One and Windows 10.

Halo Infinite was shown for the first time since the E3 2018 with its new trailer, but we have not yet seen any gameplay. Later we learned that the game will remain dark until E3 2020, so we will not learn much about the game until next year.

Halo Infinite and Xbox Scarlett will launch Holiday 2020. A more specific release date was not shared, nor were there any more details about what to expect from the game.