E3 2019: What to expect from this video game fair

Many want to hear the latest from Microsoft, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Bethesda and Square Enix and will be possible at the world’s largest video game trade show.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is next and this year promises to bring another week of new highly anticipated game announcements from Microsoft, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Square Enix.

For this year’s E3 edition, there will be press conferences starting June 8th. Game manufacturers have pointed out that this will be a year of calm, just before the launch of the new Microsoft and Sony consoles.

Some of the games that will be announced during the show have spent years in development, creating visual shows in an effort to be the last essential games before new consoles are launched.
Among the renowned titles expected this year are the epic infinite Halo of Microsoft, the adventure game of EA Wars: Star Wars: Fallen Order, the shooting game of Bethesda, Doom Eternal, the epic sci-fi Cyberpunk 2077 Nintendo , the sailor Game of Shield and Ubisoft from Ubisoft’s skull and Bones.

One of the most anticipated games is a new version that many people have already played. The mention of that game in 2015, Final Fantasy VII remake of Square, was enough for the crowd at the Sony press conference to get excited. Some people even cried, because even if you do not believe it is the game near the top of the best lists of all time, despite having been launched in 1997.